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Seeing the Barriers

Photo Friday – Seeing the Barriers

With all the euphoria surrounding the Olympics, an in-depth analysis of every sport and its participants has been undertaken. We hear how the majority of British Olympians are public school graduates, how funding is divided amongst the sports and what barriers there are to the continuing growth of sports participation after the games. (more…)

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A Sporting Chance

Photo Friday – A Sporting Chance

I am very excited about the Olympics. There is something about seeing people using their talents, doing their best in an event that may well be over within minutes, if not seconds. Some have been training their whole lives for this opportunity. And now the time is here. (more…)

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Football 2

Compassion United

The benefits of sport are well known, including its positive effects on people’s health as well as their social development. Physical education is a compulsory school subject in many European countries and sports tournaments are practically run of the mill. (more…)

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