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Your sponsored child’s education

By Sonya Hursey It’s no secret that access to education plays a vital role in releasing children from poverty and that’s why it’s a key component of our child development model. It’s important to point out though that the church-based projects themselves aren’t schools. Your sponsorship helps provide the school fees, uniforms and educational materials […]

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Blue Roof

Kini’s destiny brought her under the blue roof of Compassion. In Bengali there is a proverb, “the color of sorrow is blue”. However, the blue of Compassion represents hope for Kini. In 2006, a Compassion Australia employee named David Harrison visited Bangladesh to experience the lives of children in extreme poverty. (more…)

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It's Simple Maths

Photo Friday – It’s Simple Maths

As I was walking to the office this morning I had the opportunity to overhear a mother talking to her young child as they walked to school. There he was on his scooter, probably in his first term of school, travelling alongside his mum. And as she walked along, she was explaining the finer points […]

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1003TZ KE352 - 27

Day of the Girl 2012

The Maasai tribe is one of the most recognisable tribes in the world, but many of the cultural practices carried out by the group continue to limit the development of young girls, and even endanger their lives. Through the local churches in Kenya, Compassion is challenging many of these damaging traditions and is offering young girls from […]

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Photo Friday – Education

I think I am in the minority when it comes to maths; I love it. I love the fact that there are no grey areas; things are either right or wrong. Either you can prove something or you can’t. I can remember for one assignment at university being asked to prove that 1=1. An hour […]

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All Work and No Play

Rubén started his first job when he was five. Barefoot and dirty, Rubén would stand beside his mother, Inés, at crowded bus stops, selling sandwiches and drinks. Before he was 10, Rubén had already worked three jobs — washing cars, fixing locks and polishing shoes. (more…)

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Photo Friday – Water

When was the last time you thought about water? Not the water that you see on Frozen Planet or in the bottles stacked in your local shop – the water that flows from the tap in your house. (more…)

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View of school construction site

The School at Simonette

By Ephraim Lindor, Haiti Field Communication Supervisor A school with history 21 years ago the property that is now housing the Simonette Compassion project site used to be a “Peristil” which means voodoo temple. A well-known voodoo priest named Sore practiced for several decades. Sore was such a famous voodoo priest that people from different […]

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