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Run Emilda!

I have been really inspired by the Paralympics. Some of the background stories of these incredible athletes are testimonies of amazing courage and willpower. It’s possible to make comparisons to the children we serve who are born into poverty and struggle to break free from the chains that hold them down. Emilda’s story is no exception… (more…)

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Seeing the Barriers

Photo Friday – Seeing the Barriers

With all the euphoria surrounding the Olympics, an in-depth analysis of every sport and its participants has been undertaken. We hear how the majority of British Olympians are public school graduates, how funding is divided amongst the sports and what barriers there are to the continuing growth of sports participation after the games. (more…)

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Leaving a Legacy

Photo Friday – Leaving a Legacy

As I mentioned last week, I am very excited about the Olympics. Even more so now that I have had the opportunity to see the GB Cycling Team speed through Richmond Park in the pursuit of a gold medal. I think part of my excitement for the Olympics is the inspiration that children are receiving […]

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A Sporting Chance

Photo Friday – A Sporting Chance

I am very excited about the Olympics. There is something about seeing people using their talents, doing their best in an event that may well be over within minutes, if not seconds. Some have been training their whole lives for this opportunity. And now the time is here. (more…)

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Olympic year

Photo Friday – Olympic Year

As we enter the year of the London Olympics much has been made of the legacy it will leave to the people of Britain. I guess the intention is to buck the trend of the ever-increasing waistlines that populate our offices, high streets and school playgrounds and become more active in general. As Britain moves on […]

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