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The Journey of a Letter

I’m a student, and I sponsor 5 children

Meet Shelley Moore. AKA Compassion Super Sponsor. Shelley is a student at Moorlands Bible College and she sponsors five children. She writes to a further 12. She’s pretty amazing. I asked her how, as a student, she manages to finance five sponsorships and whether it has ever seemed too much? ‘I sponsored my first child […]

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Josué holds collection of sponsor letters

‘You’ve got a friend in me’

Think back to when you were a child. The playground games, sleepovers or even going on an epic adventure to finally conquer climbing the big oak tree with your best friend. Friendships make up a huge part of forming who we are as children and later on in life those early friendships often provide not […]

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The facts behind the letters!

You may be surprised to read of the difference you can make by sending a few words of encouragement to your sponsored child!  A study Compassion carried out in Peru, Rwanda, Guatemala, East India and Thailand found that: Over 90 per cent of children report strongly experiencing joy, love, encouragement and a sense of belonging […]

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Your letters make a BIG impact!

Dear sponsor, My name is Ginsely. I live in the Dominican Republic. My story changed when Compassion, with my sponsor and also the team of my church came into my life. When I was in the Compassion programme I don’t know if my sponsor knew how big was the impact of her taking the time […]

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In my own words – Benson

My name is Benson. I am orphaned so I live with my grandmother, aunt and sister. Before I was sponsored I used to be always sick and my grandmother could not afford to take me to hospital. This was too hard for me and my family. (more…)

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