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I’m a student, and I sponsor 5 children

Meet Shelley Moore. AKA Compassion Super Sponsor. Shelley is a student at Moorlands Bible College and she sponsors five children. She writes to a further 12. She’s pretty amazing. I asked her how, as a student, she manages to finance five sponsorships and whether it has ever seemed too much? ‘I sponsored my first child […]

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Remembering Rwanda

I think we all have days that stick in our memories. JFK days. Days when we can remember precisely where we were, what we were wearing or eating when we heard the news. One of my most formative memories happened 20 years ago. A fact that makes me feel pretty old, but it’s a memory […]

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Loving locally, supported globally

by Miriam Swaffield Miriam and some other amazing leaders from New Wine came with us to Uganda last November. Here’s what impressed her about Compassion’s work with the local church. I barely saw a ‘Compassion International’ logo anywhere; surprising given that I was spending eight days travelling from rural town to rural town, learning about […]

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Can we celebrate project closures?

We understand that when you’ve spent time building an invaluable personal relationship with your sponsored child, it can be disheartening if you get a notification from us explaining that your sponsored child’s Compassion project has closed. However, you may be surprised to hear that when a project closes, it’s often a cause for celebration. Here […]

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Girl Power

Tomorrow is International Women’s day. Globally women do 66% of the work, yet earn 10% of the income and own 1% of property. Unsurprising then, it is women who make up two-thirds of the world’s poor. A fervent advocate for children’s rights, I am also passionate about women’s rights. I strongly believe that by investing […]

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