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The Power of Prayer

With seven siblings and from a poor region of Haiti, Jean Gille had a tough start to life. However at an early age, Jean Gille was enrolled in the local Compassion project which enabled him to attend school and learn about Jesus. After his high school graduation, Jean joined the Leadership Development Programme to study […]

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The Lord is my shepherd

Julius’ classmates watched in horror as worms from his stomach slithered out of his nose and mouth. Mortified, Julius would cough and gasp for air as he tried to hide them. Scavenging for food on the streets and poor nutrition had left Julius tiny for his age and carrying intestinal worms. With health problems and […]

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Being rescued was just the beginning

Haiti is a country reeling from natural disaster. Poor infrastructure and political volatility continue to hinder the potential of the largely unemployed population. It is against this backdrop that the people of Haiti struggle in poverty. Ownership of land is difficult to prove, opportunities to earn an income are at a premium and voodoo permeates […]

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Remembering Rwanda

I think we all have days that stick in our memories. JFK days. Days when we can remember precisely where we were, what we were wearing or eating when we heard the news. One of my most formative memories happened 20 years ago. A fact that makes me feel pretty old, but it’s a memory […]

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Urban poverty versus rural poverty

India currently has over 1.27 billion people, of which 72 per cent live in rural areas. According to India’s Eleventh National Development Plan, almost one third of the country’s population continue to live below the poverty line in both rural areas and cities. On a recent visit to India to see the work of Compassion, […]

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Meet Rodelin!

At Compassion we unashamedly believe that the local church is the hope of the world! Because we work through the local church, children are given the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel during their Compassion project activities. The implications of this are eternal and pretty exciting! To borrow a more eloquent explanation from […]

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