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Sri Lanka 2009 - kids laugh photo

Kids will be kids

Poverty is a thief. It steals childhood, innocence, security and fun. Beyond killing playtime, it tramples the God-given playful spirit in little ones. Compassion refuses to let this happen. Every child should have the right, and the opportunity, to use their imagination, to create and to laugh. To be kids. (more…)

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Could you spell ‘Ouagadougou’?

With China and America fighting over trading deals with Africa, I thought it was about time I learnt a bit more about the vast continent my sponsored child lives in. At a push I could tell you where South Africa was, mainly due to the clue in the title. But what about the rest of […]

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As children, we are seeds

Every day, through the local church and sponsors, Compassion is changing the lives of children living in poverty. One formerly sponsored child, Ginsely, speaks about how her life was changed by her sponsor. She says “As children, we are seeds. It takes just one person to plant us in the right earth and feed us with letters and […]

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Right here, Write now

Writing letters to my sponsored child is always on my to-do list. As I rush through my busy life bouncing from one appointment to the next, I think to myself I really need to write. But the day comes to an end and as I slip into sleep I promise myself that tomorrow, I will definitely […]

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Safeguarding Children: Home & Away

For many years the Christian church in the UK and around the world has been under the media spotlight for what seems like a never-ending number of cases where they have failed to protect the children in their midst. Although certain sections of the church have received more attention than others, it is fair to […]

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