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Norry Gusty Gustinvil stands beside her family smiling

Two stories to make you smile

I sometimes find it a little tricky to be cheery during this time of year. The winter nights are drawing in, there’s a definite chill in the air, I have officially cracked out my hot water bottle and the Christmas holidays still seem a long way off! I thought therefore that I’d share a couple […]

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Project children happily hold up their new Bible books in a larg

The word of God through Children’s eyes

378,536. The number of Bibles Compassion distributed to Children in poverty over the last financial year. Here in the United Kingdom Bibles are often something we see as the foundation of our Christian faith, drawing upon it for guidance and delving within to draw closer to God. But for many people living in poverty this […]

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Raising up a Compassionate Generation

Here at Compassion we have a huge heart for children! Children in poverty across the world but also children here in the UK. We believe that tackling issues of poverty and injustice isn’t something just for adults. God’s little ones can be inspired and educated to make a difference right now, not just when they ‘grow up’. But […]

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Beyond the glitter and sparkle 

“When my tutor teaches me about how Jesus was born in a humble manger and he turned out to be the world’s Saviour, it makes me feel like I can also achieve great things in life” says Elemer Tambriz. That time of the year has come when children are counting down the number of sleeps. […]

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Sunday School

Reaching out

By Tonny Tunya, Field Communications Specialist, Indonesia The group of 15 teenagers look at each other with excitement. After two hours of travelling down gravel roads and grassy pathways they are nearly there. As part of the Compassion programme, these sponsored young people are taking part in a mission trip organized by Mau Hau Church. […]

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Pranjees Joseph stands with his family outside his home in a pos

Fathers turning to God 

Ruwanthi Sarjeevram with Luke Hamilton “I used to drink every day, every single day. I never touched my wife or my children with anger. But I drank. My wife continuously prayed for me. She asked me to attend church. But that wasn’t important to me”, explains Pranjees Joseph the father of three-year-old Divon. Divon has […]

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Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 11.25.37

Become a Compassion Explorer today!

Attention all children, parents, grandparents, teachers, children’s workers and big kids! Compassion Explorers is here, do your family have what it takes to explore the world with Compassion? We are now able to Skype someone on the other side of the world, eat fruit grown on a different continent and have the ability to eat […]

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Editorial photo

Playing for hope

In a community stricken with poverty and the influence of gangs, Compassion has taught 12-year-old Kevin that he can work hard and aspire to great things. “This place has a curfew”, says Pastor Eulalio Rodriguez, who oversees the Jesus Christ is Lord Biblical Church. In Santa Elena, a semi-rural community located about 15 minutes from […]

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Love Jean Gille smiles in a close-up with his sister Chantalle

The Power of Prayer

With seven siblings and from a poor region of Haiti, Jean Gille had a tough start to life. However at an early age, Jean Gille was enrolled in the local Compassion project which enabled him to attend school and learn about Jesus. After his high school graduation, Jean joined the Leadership Development Programme to study […]

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