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Two stories from our sponsors

A couple of weeks ago we launched for sponsors to share encouragements and highlights from their sponsorship. Here are two stories which Sandra and Rachel kindly shared with us! Read and be inspired… Dear Compassion, This is a picture of my Dad holding the picture of my formerly sponsored child Christian and his brother Chito […]

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Unexpected By-Products

By Dominic De Souza @dnldesouza  Senior Leader, Letchworth Garden City Church (LGCC) I wouldn’t want to imply that we should focus on what we might receive when we give to others. That said, I have noticed some wonderful and unsought after by-products as more and more members of the local church that I lead have […]

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More Than a Cliché

This evening I watched Blood Diamond for the first time. I’d been meaning to watch it for a while, but kept finding reasons not to: work, travel, church, leisure activities, anything I could think of to avoid watching it. Perhaps I was trying to avoid the inevitable violence, perhaps I couldn’t stand the thought of […]

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Be True To Yourself

A couple of weeks back, my heart sank a little when I heard that the Girl Guide association of Australia had chosen to drop the commitment to God from the Girl Guide promise and replace it with a pledge to “be true to myself”. It got me thinking about those words, “be true to myself,” […]

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Unusual Sponsorship

We often hear of people ‘thinking outside the box’ when it comes to sponsorship – of those who fundraise their £21 a month by eating the same limited diet as their sponsored child, of youth group members clubbing together to support a child. But more than any other, this story told by the Reverend Sally […]

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No More Bad Stuff

Last night there was a rather heated exchange outside. It appears that our neighbours had installed a satellite dish on the side of the house without getting permission from their landlord, who was passing through the area and was evidently none too keen on the idea.

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