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Why Your Gifts Matter – Part 3

The very thought of gifts excite us. Whether it be a birthday gift, Christmas gift, wedding gift or just a gift of love from a friend, gifts are always thrilling to receive. And if that gift could transform a life – what is more special? Ravichandran is another beneficiary of family gifts. His mother, Vijaya, […]

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Day of the Girl 2012

The Maasai tribe is one of the most recognisable tribes in the world, but many of the cultural practices carried out by the group continue to limit the development of young girls, and even endanger their lives. Through the local churches in Kenya, Compassion is challenging many of these damaging traditions and is offering young girls from […]

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Meet Bella

As a young child, Bella didn’t think life was worth living. She and her six siblings lived with her mother in a one room house with a curtain separating the kitchen and living space. She would regularly be sent home from school through failing to pay her fees. But today Bella is living in the […]

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Ansu’s Brave Act

Brave Ansu saved her mother’s life by demonstrating a “remarkable presence of mind” in a crisis situation. Hearing his mother’s loud cry, a young boy rushed to help her. But it was in vain and Anusu’s brother became the second victim of the huge electric shock.

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