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Patrick’s Ask

Why should you sponsor a child with Compassion? Here’s Patrick from Rend Collective Experiment with his reasons why. “If you heard and knew what Jesus did for you, and you’re not moved to do something similar for somebody else, then maybe you didn’t get it the first time round, maybe you didn’t understand it. “ […]

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Blue Roof

Kini’s destiny brought her under the blue roof of Compassion. In Bengali there is a proverb, “the color of sorrow is blue”. However, the blue of Compassion represents hope for Kini. In 2006, a Compassion Australia employee named David Harrison visited Bangladesh to experience the lives of children in extreme poverty.

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A Father’s Fight

Betsabe is a beautiful 5-year-old girl living on a sugar cane field in Mexico. She is supported by a Compassion sponsor who lives in Germany. She is the youngest of three children born in a hardworking family dedicated to the fields. Things seemed to go well until their lives suffered an unexpected change. The mother […]

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The Story of Merly Anai Figueroa

Merly Anai’s two-room plywood home with a missing door is at the top of a steep hill. As I walk inside the small house, the uneven dirt floor makes my steps uncertain as I greet Merly Anai, who stares at me with wide eyes, probably wondering who is this stranger, and what does she wants […]

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