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A mother’s worth

At Compassion we know that when a child gets sponsored it’s their mum who has the biggest smile. This year, we’re asking the church to Make a Mother’s Day. Not just their own mother, but a mother living in poverty, one who really needs someone to give her a little hand. We’ve asked some of […]

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Born to Overcome

Today is a big day. We received news that our first sponsored child Tuhame Edson graduated from the Compassion program in Uganda, completed his Vocational Training and is about to begin a new season. 10 years of sponsorship… I remember walking up to a Compassion stand in 2005. My eyes locked on the face of […]

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A new Compassion home!

Remember your first day at school? Remember feeling nervous and daunted at the thought of making new friends? If you hear your sponsored child is on the move we encourage you to pray and write – it’s a great opportunity to send some encouragement and words of support. Sponsored children can move from one Compassion […]

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Christmas is about a gift

I have been firmly on the Christmas bandwagon since the beginning of November. Which is actually pretty good for me, usually it’s a good month before that when the Christmas music comes out. But “WHY??”, I hear you cry, “couldn’t you have waited until 1st December?”. Well yes, I could have, but I probably would […]

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