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A new Compassion home!

Remember your first day at school? Remember feeling nervous and daunted at the thought of making new friends? If you hear your sponsored child is on the move we encourage you to pray and write – it’s a great opportunity to send some encouragement and words of support. Sponsored children can move from one Compassion […]

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Christmas is about a gift

I have been firmly on the Christmas bandwagon since the beginning of November. Which is actually pretty good for me, usually it’s a good month before that when the Christmas music comes out. But “WHY??”, I hear you cry, “couldn’t you have waited until 1st December?”. Well yes, I could have, but I probably would […]

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What does Christmas mean?

I struggle with Christmas. The commercialisation and the societal expectation that every child will have a mountain of wrapped toys waiting for them as they enter their perfectly decorated living room on Christmas morning. Really? Is this what Christmas has become? Set the extravagance of this western Christmas against the arrival of the child that […]

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Two stories from our sponsors

A couple of weeks ago we launched for sponsors to share encouragements and highlights from their sponsorship. Here are two stories which Sandra and Rachel kindly shared with us! Read and be inspired… Dear Compassion, This is a picture of my Dad holding the picture of my formerly sponsored child Christian and his brother Chito […]

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Making Christmas a day of celebration

In rural Ghana, Christmas usually passes like any other day. But for the families of children registered in the Agomanya Methodist Child Development Centre, Christmas has become a bit more special. In 2012, child development charity Compassion UK partnered with the local church to support the most vulnerable children in the community. That first year, […]

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