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The Night My Life Changed

It was a normal evening with my parents and 2-year-old baby brother in our home in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, when any child’s worst nightmare happened. Everything was going well for me because I had my whole family with me. I always felt safe and protected when my father was around because, like […]

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Called to Serve

They couldn’t stand or even stretch their hands to greet us when we arrived at their village. Their limbs were covered in ulcerated, itchy and painful clusters of nodules that looked like honeycombs. There was hardly a smile on their dusty faces. The children of Kianjai village looked weary from a jigger infestation that they […]

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Opening New Gates

Sparkling eyes, filled with pride and newfound hope, stand out as Gavino Ajozal says, “My son is the best thing on Earth.” He is referring to his oldest son Giovani, 24. Beyond feeling honoured, Gavino is grateful to the Lord for the blessing of having Giovani as his son, his example and his brother in […]

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He has been an inspiration to us all

David Whitehouse  David was one of our first advocates at Compassion, way back in 2001. At his funeral today our CEO, Ian, will be giving this eulogy.   “For those of you here today, it will come as no surprise that David wanted Compassion to be part of his funeral. I realise I don’t need […]

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Injustice at the bakery

I stood at the counter of my local bakery, eyeing up the size of the chocolate cakes. My eyes widened and I fixed my gaze on the largest slice of rocky road that sat there on top of the others. Marshmallow oozed out of the chocolate and biscuit mix. The banquet of heaven was about […]

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Unexpected By-Products

By Dominic De Souza @dnldesouza  Senior Leader, Letchworth Garden City Church (LGCC) I wouldn’t want to imply that we should focus on what we might receive when we give to others. That said, I have noticed some wonderful and unsought after by-products as more and more members of the local church that I lead have […]

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