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Life in Burkina Faso

Compassion began it’s ministry in Burkina Faso in 2004 and we are now serving over 27,000 children across the country. More than 50% of the population claim to be Islamic, while only 6% claim to be Evangelical Christians. What is Burkina Faso doing to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ?

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Having No Ego

I read two different writings recently on the same theme. They both impacted me deeply. The first was the passage from James 3:18. Getting along with each other is often hard work, but it’s vital for having a healthy community that pleases God.

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An Unfinished Story

Sweat begins to wet my clothes. I hold my notebook above my head to protect my eyes from the sun. I’m walking on a bumpy dirt road, in Tingkulu-Manado, rural Indonesia. On the right and left stand houses with large yards and a few trees that make the air cooler. I walk and jump to […]

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Walter Landaverde, the next Kaka?

It’s the dying seconds of the World Cup final. The eyes of millions are set on Walter. A commentator narrates the last seconds of the game: “… and Landaverde comes forward onto a pass from Valdez… Landaverde jinks past the defence with ease; he aims at the goal… shoots…  AND SCORES!!!”

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A Day In The Life Of Rosa

In the small village of Yogon, located in the West African country of Togo, there is no electricity. There is only one private primary school and no college. The market stands in the middle of the village and does not even have stores.  Yogon is one of the poorest villages in the maritime region. It […]

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Men Less Generous Than Women?

A recent report conducted by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations has shown that women in the UK are more generous than men when it comes to charitable giving. According to the Office of National Statistics, the average amounts given to charity were also a little higher for women (with a median donation of £13 […]

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