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Life in Burkina Faso

Compassion began it’s ministry in Burkina Faso in 2004 and we are now serving over 27,000 children across the country. More than 50% of the population claim to be Islamic, while only 6% claim to be Evangelical Christians. What is Burkina Faso doing to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ?

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Having No Ego

I read two different writings recently on the same theme. They both impacted me deeply. The first was the passage from James 3:18. Getting along with each other is often hard work, but it’s vital for having a healthy community that pleases God.

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An Unfinished Story

Sweat begins to wet my clothes. I hold my notebook above my head to protect my eyes from the sun. I’m walking on a bumpy dirt road, in Tingkulu-Manado, rural Indonesia. On the right and left stand houses with large yards and a few trees that make the air cooler. I walk and jump to […]

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Walter Landaverde, the next Kaka?

It’s the dying seconds of the World Cup final. The eyes of millions are set on Walter. A commentator narrates the last seconds of the game: “… and Landaverde comes forward onto a pass from Valdez… Landaverde jinks past the defence with ease; he aims at the goal… shoots…  AND SCORES!!!”

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