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Author Archive | Paul Dymott

What does Christmas mean?

I struggle with Christmas. The commercialisation and the societal expectation that every child will have a mountain of wrapped toys waiting for them as they enter their perfectly decorated living room on Christmas morning. Really? Is this what Christmas has become? Set the extravagance of this western Christmas against the arrival of the child that […]

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Let Me Die Like My Father

Like many children in her community, Vivian didn’t grow up in a good environment. Her parents did not earn much and had difficulties raising their children. The family lived in a single room they were given in a house that belonged to her grandmother. Her father worked as a tanzanite gemstone dealer, but didn’t contribute […]

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Being rescued was just the beginning

Haiti is a country reeling from natural disaster. Poor infrastructure and political volatility continue to hinder the potential of the largely unemployed population. It is against this backdrop that the people of Haiti struggle in poverty. Ownership of land is difficult to prove, opportunities to earn an income are at a premium and voodoo permeates […]

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