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How do your Sponsorship Plus donations help?

Solino is said to be one of the most dangerous slums in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. Sex trafficking and gangster mentality are rife in the population, and many children living there die before the age of one due to malnutrition and other illnesses. Solino is also home to Nardine, her son Loudson, her husband […]

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TG CS2 CSP Activity Report - April 2014

Togo – what do the statistics mean?

69 per cent of the Togolese nation lives below the poverty line.[1] There is no doubt that poverty is a huge issue in Togo. With over two-thirds of the population living below the poverty line it is inevitable that parents have to make difficult decisions whether they or their children will eat, which of their […]

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When distance is no barrier to surgery

One heart defect can be life-changing, four can be disastrous. But four heart defects, or Tetralogy of Fallot to give the medical title, is the condition Joan was diagnosed with. Joan is two, and along with her mother is part of a Compassion Child Survival Programme in Tanzania that is supported by donors in the […]

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Ti Mirak goes to fetch water from her home carrying a bucket in her hand

Being rescued was just the beginning

Haiti is a country reeling from natural disaster. Poor infrastructure and political volatility continue to hinder the potential of the largely unemployed population. It is against this backdrop that the people of Haiti struggle in poverty. Ownership of land is difficult to prove, opportunities to earn an income are at a premium and voodoo permeates […]

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