Photo Friday – Leaving a Legacy

As I mentioned last week, I am very excited about the Olympics. Even more so now that I have had the opportunity to see the GB Cycling Team speed through Richmond Park in the pursuit of a gold medal. I think part of my excitement for the Olympics is the inspiration that children are receiving through the efforts of the athletes.

One of the main reasons that London was chosen to host the games was the legacy that it would provide to the area of Stratford and sports in this country; the tag line of the London games being ‘Leaving a Legacy’.

The dictionary definition of legacy is something left or handed down. Bradley Wiggins talked on Wednesday of his legacy being that people would get out on their bikes and ride the same roads that he had just won on. Seb Coe would say that the legacy of the London games will be seen in the winners of gold medals in future Olympics.

We turn to the image of a child in the Philippines. What will her legacy be? With the help of Compassion, her legacy can be greater than that which was left to her. Children born into poverty are often discounted as not being able to achieve anything. The cycle of poverty is a legacy that is difficult to overcome. Compassion is working to break that cycle, changing the legacy.

And then there are the sponsors of the children that Compassion assists. The sponsors that pray for, communicate with and love their sponsored child. The legacy of one sponsor in the UK can change a community on the other side of the world. The legacy of one sponsor in the UK breaks the cycle of poverty and changes lives and families forever.

What would you like your legacy to be?

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