The Unsponsored Children: Meet Linda

Do you ever think about the children who don’t yet have a sponsor? Or those who once did, but their sponsor cancelled and they’re waiting for a new one.

Compassion won’t wait to find a sponsor for a child before registering them with the project and giving them access to all the benefits. A possible consequence of this is that children often have to wait a while until they get a sponsor. It’s really hard for children to understand why they don’t have one. They may think they are not worthy or cute enough and that makes them sad. It’s particularly challenging for the children when they see their friends receiving letters, birthday cards and financial gifts from their sponsors. The Compassion project staff will do everything they can to care for the children and reassure them they are valued and loved.

One of those unsponsored children is Linda, from Uganda. She will be eight years old in October and was first registered into the Compassion assisted programme on 14 December 2010. There are five children in the family and her mother finds work labouring as and when she can. Linda’s father is no longer alive. She attends the church based project in Chemwania, a hillside village of mud huts where she lives. Linda loves attending the project which enables her to go to school, but, has never been sponsored so doesn’t receive letters of encouragement like the other children in the project.  But she has hope and she and the project staff pray every day that Jesus will answer her prayer and soon provide a very special person who will choose her.

(Please note: projects receive partial funding for unsponsored children provided through donations received into the Compassion Unsponsored Children Fund).

If you would like to reach out to Linda please contact me and we can unite her with a loving sponsor.

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4 Responses to The Unsponsored Children: Meet Linda

  1. Linda McDonald 16/07/2012 at 11:27 am #

    Oh my, she is so adorable but I just sponsored a little girl called Linda from Bolivia, I could be very tempted but I also need to be sensible, praying for a sponsor for her.

  2. Ginny Sharman
    Ginny Sharman 16/07/2012 at 12:44 pm #

    Linda now has a sponsor. Praise God. But we have many children waiting so here at Compassion we hope others who read this blog will consider sponsoring one of these children.

  3. Lois Blythe 17/07/2012 at 8:31 pm #

    I am so pleased that Linda finally has a sponsor! Perhaps attention on the UK website could be drawn to the longest-waiting children in future as on the US and Canadian websites – I’m sure that anyone who was able to take on another sponsored child would be happy in most cases to give preference to the children who have been waiting the longest.

  4. Ginny Sharman
    Ginny Sharman 18/07/2012 at 9:44 am #

    Thank you Lois for your comment, this is something we are considering. Bless you and thank you for your continued support.

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