“Take Part in Compassion September” – Tony and Michelle (Formerly Sponsored Children)

Formerly sponsored children, Michelle Tolentino and Tony Beltran are wonderful examples of how God uses Compassion September to change lives. Hear what they have to say about the power of taking part in Compassion September this year.

Michelle grew up in the Philippines in an environment of extreme poverty and chaos. She says that she was told, “Michelle, you are nothing. You will become nothing but a thief and a drug addict.” But through the love of her sponsor, Michelle is actually fulfilling her dream and telling the world that there is hope in Jesus.

At the age of six, she started attending a Compassion-assisted project in a local church and began a long development process that changed the course of her life. The result? To God’s praise, Michelle recently completed a communication arts degree at the University of Santo Tomas.

She truly believes in the transforming power of Compassion September; that when we allow the Holy Spirit to work through us we enable Him to do powerful things in the world.

“Doing a Compassion September presentation is one of the best ways to let the glory of God shine and generations are being transformed because of an act of obedience. This is one way of partnering with what God wants to accomplish in the world.

“Someone spoke up for me and that’s why I am still here today. I want to encourage you to see Compassion September as a way of letting the glory of God be seen and experienced among the nations as children get sponsored and go on to change the world in Jesus’ Name!”

Tony Beltran was born into a similar situation of hopelessness, where thoughts of his future never went further than finding the next meal. “It was lunch time,” Tony recalls. “We were sitting around the table and we were all holding hands and my father was praying for the lunch that we were about to eat, but there was only one problem; our table was empty.”

God hijacked Tony’s life when he started attending a Compassion project. It gave him a real hope, and now he is currently pursuing his graduate studies at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, which he plans to use to influence the teenagers of his country with the power of the gospel of Christ.

“Compassion September puts a face to the poor,” says Tony. “The poor has a name, the poor has feelings, the poor has a family and the poor has dignity. It also gives the church an opportunity to understand its responsibility toward the poor. Caring for the poor is not just one of the ministries of Christianity; it is at the heart of the gospel preached by Jesus. We need to fight poverty because the name of our God is at stake.” 

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