Photo Friday – On the Side of the Road

I have a confession: I like food. In fact I’m ashamed to say I think I’m a bit of a food snob. I’m not a big fan of expensive restaurants, gourmet cuisine or obscure ingredients, but I do like simple well cooked food with fresh ingredients. There is something about eating the best local fresh ingredients. I would even hazard a guess to say that this is how God intended it.

When I compare my food snobbery to the stories I hear of children around the world struggling for one meal a day, I am ashamed. Here am I, in a country where we can go to the local grocery shop and buy food that originates from a myriad of countries around this globe. In stark contrast there are children in Uganda, Indonesia and Ecuador that have no access to food, they can’t walk down the road when they feel like it. What they grow they eat, and often that is not enough.

As we continue the series of looking at photographs taken by Compassion-assisted children, we gaze at the fresh produce being sold on the side of the road. Surely this is like their corner shop? You would think, but often the high price of this food means the poor are unable to buy it. Living on less than $1 a day means food is scarce.

So what have I learnt? Having the opportunity to be a food snob makes me in the minority in this world. Being a food snob means I need to look at my priorities. How about you?

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