Photo Friday – A Sporting Chance

I am very excited about the Olympics. There is something about seeing people using their talents, doing their best in an event that may well be over within minutes, if not seconds. Some have been training their whole lives for this opportunity. And now the time is here.

Competitors at the Olympics will have lived and breathed their event for years. Everything they have done has been with the aim of improving in their discipline. Food choices, lifestyles, sleep and family have all been adapted or sacrificed in the name of a good performance at the Olympics. With such dedication races are won and lost.

And yet, as we look at this image taken by a sponsored child in the Philippines, we must never lose sight of the fact that sport can be life-changing. The lessons of dedication, teamwork and discipline that children in Compassion projects throughout the world learn, are vital values that will help them to rise above their poverty stricken pasts. Sport is fun, but sport is life-changing.

Amidst the success stories and the personal heartbreak of these Olympics, remember Compassion is using sport to empower children to fulfil their dreams.

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