Compassionate Sky-Diving

What motivates a man with a fear of heights to jump out of an airplane? The cry of the poor did for Compassion UK’s Senior Partnership Manager, Tim Robertson.  He explains what made him do such a loopy thing…!

“I did a skydive from 10,000 ft (2 miles) which gives you 30 seconds of freefall then you parachute to the ground.

I had always wanted to do a sky dive but the idea of jumping out of a plane terrified me (if only?), plus the thought of something going wrong held me back (what if?) so there was a personal facing of fears along with a ticking off that box on my bucket list.

No longer ‘if only’, no longer ‘what if’…I did it!

I did this to raise money for HIV affected children in Compassion projects who not only face the everyday challenge of living in poverty but the added pressures and burdens of ill health, lack of medicine and being stigmatised for their disease.

The story of Eva inspired me to do something that would draw attention to this need and raise funds for this cause. You can read her tragic story at my fundraising page: If you feel led to so, please consider sponsoring me for this great cause.

The experience was phenomenal. Very exciting, a huge rush, totally surreal and beautiful, but not as scary as I thought – I was more of a wreck watching England in the penalty shootout against Italy!”

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