When a Project Closure is Good News!

Every now and then, Compassion will receive a report notifying us that a project has ceased operating. But sometimes it’s good news!

The irony of Compassion’s work is that if it were to ever be complete then we would all have to pack up and find something else to do. The work would be done. There would be no more children who need to liberating from any type of poverty.

Some might say that this is all fantasy, but our projects could be seen as a microcosm of this happening today. Right now, there are projects who no longer need the assistance of Compassion because the community has been so transformed that it can exist independent of support. Praise God!

Take this report from a project in Thailand as an example:

 “This project has been in partnership with Compassion since 1987 to work with poor children who followed their parents when they came to work in the local rubber plantation. Over 25 years of ministry, the church has served more than 1,000 children in the community. 124 children accepted Jesus as their saviour and about 30 project graduates are making great impacts on their church and community. Of the project alumni we have an assistant pastor, youth leaders, a Sunday school teacher, some business owners, a local radio DJ, a Compassion project director and some are serving on the project committee. These alumni are Christians with strong faith who live as role models for others and are committed to advancing God’s kingdom in their community.

“Since the rubber plantation has improved the financial stability of the area, many people, including Compassion-assisted children and their families, are now able to take care of themselves. We’ve seen the economy getting stronger and Compassion no longer needs to be there. Over various discussions with the Church Partner over the last few years it has been decided that, by His grace, the church can now support themselves. The church leader decided to end the partnership so that Compassion will be able to reach out to other needy children. The church will continue to advocate for children and serve the less-advantaged ones in the community.”

Good news!

Every child sponsored is having a ‘drip, drip’ effect in changing whole communities, countries and some day the world. It’s all about getting the next child sponsored…

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