Photo Friday – Something Worth Remembering

I live quite close to London, so I often see tourists with cameras draped around their necks looking for the next picture to take. And I am sure we have all experienced the seemingly endless evening of being subjected to the latest holiday snaps from our family. What do these two things have in common?

People take photographs because they want to remember something, they want to have a record of something they haven’t seen before or want to make sure they don’t forget.

The main focus of this image is the ambulance. We don’t know whether it’s heading to an emergency or en route to the hospital.  What we do know is that the Compassion-assisted child taking the photograph thought it was significant enough to record.

It is so easy for us in the UK to take for granted the health system that we have. Yes, I acknowledge that it isn’t perfect, but we know that in an emergency we can pick up the phone, dial three numbers, and put in motion a series of events that give us the opportunity to receive emergency medical care when we need it. Many of the children in the area where Compassion works do not have this opportunity. Healthcare, let alone free healthcare, is something that just doesn’t exist. And that is why an ambulance is worth remembering, worth keeping a record of.

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