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Archive | June, 2012

Photo Friday – Something Worth Remembering

I live quite close to London, so I often see tourists with cameras draped around their necks looking for the next picture to take. And I am sure we have all experienced the seemingly endless evening of being subjected to the latest holiday snaps from our family. What do these two things have in common?

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Life in Burkina Faso

Compassion began it’s ministry in Burkina Faso in 2004 and we are now serving over 27,000 children across the country. More than 50% of the population claim to be Islamic, while only 6% claim to be Evangelical Christians. What is Burkina Faso doing to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ?

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Writing Letters Sanctifies Me

I am passionate about seeing tangible impacts that our child sponsorship has on the little ones we support, but over the years I’ve been working at Compassion I have heard countless testimonies of people saying how God has used sponsorship to transform them. Most of us never saw it coming.

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Water of Life Letter

Recently, Compassion International ran a campaigjn to deliver water purification kits and hygeine training to the families of Compassion-assisted children all over the world. Here is a letter written by a mother of a Compassion child expressing her gratitude.

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Photo Friday – Ticking The Boxes

I am someone who needs to know what I am doing ahead of time. I like to have a plan, and I like to stick to that plan. This means that my life is pretty much ruled by lists. Lists of things I need to plan, lists of things I need to complete, and lists […]

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