No Ceiling To Hope: Interview with Patrick Regan (XLP) – Part 1

What is hope? Why is it important? Why do people keep going when all they can see around them are situations that seem completely hopeless?

Patrick Regan is the founder and director of an urban-youth charity working in very challenging situations in the heart of London, called XLP. Where most organisations have given up hope in seeing people’s lives transformed, Patrick and his team refuse to believe that anything is impossible.

In this video, I asked Patrick about his new book No Celing To Hope and what it is about hope that is so fundamental to the work of both XLP and Compassion.

No Ceiling to Hope describes how all over the world – from Bolivia to Bangladesh, LA to Peckham – Christians are making a difference.  Where poverty, gangs, homelessness and addiction exist the church is getting its hands dirty. Patrick shows how God’s people are offering hope in the midst of pain. “As Christians there is no ceiling to the hope we can bring, even when things look bleak,” he says. “Extreme poverty has been halved in the last 30 years. This book encourages and challenges the church to think and act  creatively to eradicate all types of poverty and suffering.”

Find out more about the book.

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