Interview With Juan Buñay, Aged 7

Juan comes from an indigenous family living in the Cañar Province, in southern Ecuador. His mum and stepdad work in agriculture, farming  peas, potatoes, corn and different sorts of beans. He comes from a Catholic background.

What do you enjoy the most from all the things you do at the Compassion project?
Here at the project I do my homework from school. I can write numbers up to 200! [He says this with a humourous, but yet shy tone in his voice.] I also learn Kichwa and Spanish. I can say the numbers in Kichwa [mother tongue].

Shuk    1
Ishkai    2
Kimsa    3

[Juan recited these numbers in his mother tongue, Kichwa.]

I also like to play “cascaritas” with a football trying to keep it from touching the ground and hitting it with nothing but my knees. I like marbles and chips [those chips usually come as prizes in bags of chips]. When we play chips, the kid who gets more of them is the winner!   [he smiles!] My favorite thing to do is playing football with my friends.

Do you have a favourite Bible verse?  If you do, which verse is it and why do you like it?
[Juan couldn’t remember a full Bible verse so he preferred to sing a song to us.] “Oh, Holy Dove! You are our strength. Take me in your wings, up where Jesus is.”

What do you do at home to help your mum?
I help her to pick up water from a faucet that we have in the backyard. I carry that water in a bucket and my mum uses it to cook.  I also clean up my bedroom and sweep.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I want to become a bus driver and travel all over Cañar [the province where he lives]. I’d love to visit many places and take tonnes of passengers to various destinations.

Interview by by Cecilia Yepez, Compassion Ecuador Communications Specialist

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