A Rallying Cry – Use Your Voice!

The world hasn’t got any bigger yet it feels like its exploded. The speed of communication leaves me catching my breath.

An event happens and hundreds of miles away someone is aware of the details in seconds.

The internet and social media have revolutionised  the way we view life – can we tweet it or upload it to Facebook?  Is it blog worthy?

Yet with this great power should come great responsibility. The words we write and the tweets we upload are there for the world to read.

We have a voice.

We also have a choice.

So lets decide to use our voices to make a difference!

To take our words and lift lives with them.

Lets start a revolution of words, lets shout out from our computers and from our smart phones.

In the poorest countries of this world many children are living in poverty, many families are struggling to survive.

Compassion is a voice raising these children from poverty in Jesus’ name. We have a way to show the world that we can make a difference.

Our voices are that way!

Compassion are shouting out loud as they free children from poverty in 26 countries around the world.

Child sponsorship is not just about providing the basic’s for children in need. It provides hope, the chance of a bright future and a chance for their voices to be heard.

Lets raise our voices  together to allow children in poverty to be heard. Let’s take ourselves on to Twitter and tweet about the work of compassion. Lets Facebook our friends about child sponsorship.

“The word gave life to everything that was created; and his life brought life to everyone”  John 1:4

Let the revolution be about the love of Jesus. Let’s raise our voices and be heard. Let our words breathe life into children and release them from extreme poverty.

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