Spring Harvest in Haiti

The Spring Harvest team went on a trip in December 2011 to see the work of Compassion in Haiti.

The Director of Spring Harvest, Wendy Beechward wrote a live blog from Haiti during the trip. Here’s an excerpt…

“When we came out of the restaurant we faced what we hadn’t seen when we drove up – we saw the tent village [from the earthquake in 2010].  Between us and them was a road – 18 feet between our side where we eat great food and can keep asking for more just because we want to try new food and their side where they eat nothing. 18 feet isn’t much – yesterday it felt like an ocean. For me personally, I guess this trip is about finding out how we navigate all the roads we discover that feel like an ocean.  In doing that, I’m sure we’ll find our place in the bigger story of what God is doing in the world.”

To read the rest visit Wendy’s blog http://wendybeechward.com/

Krish Kandiah is the Executive Director for Churches in Mission and England Director for the UK Evangelical Alliance, as well as being a part of the Spring Harvest theme development group. He too wrote a blog of his experience in Haiti…

“Sitting watching the sunrise in Haiti. I am more angry than ever that some US preachers have declared Haiti a God forsaken place. Some of have said that the reason Haiti experienced an earthquake was that they practised voodoo and that they made a pact with the devil.”

To read the rest visit Krish’s website http://krishk.com/

Here is a short video report of the Spring Harvest team and it even features that pesky blue elephant! 

To find out more about Compassion’s partnership with Spring Harvest please visit www.springharvest.org/compassion

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  1. Marie N. 02/02/2012 at 9:43 pm #

    Special thanks for all great work doing in Haïti ,May God bless compassion and give more opportunity to help others.

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