“Makes Life Easier”

How often do you use the phrase “makes life easier”?

I was considering the phrase a month or two ago, and since then have realised just how much I do say it!

“It’ll make life much easier if I just defrost some chicken in the morning

“I just need to grab a pen – Do you want to borrow mine?” “Oh yea, that’d make life far easier, thanks”

Make’s life easier?! Do those in the world with nothing, like our sponsored children, think any of those things would make their life easier? Some of them may not even know what a freezer is. If they were asked what would make their life easier, I’m pretty sure food, shelter and good health would be near the top, not those things. Maybe they’ll make life a fraction easier for us, but I seem to have absent mindedly used words like ‘much’ and ‘far’ in those examples, which are definitely out of place!!

Do you say it much? Is there any phrase you use often that you’ve realised is a bit odd?

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