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The dream made possible

Close-up of Gilbert

Gilbert was the last born out of eight children and didn’t expect to go to university. No one in his community had been before, let alone anyone in his family. Despite this Gilbert was inspired to set up his own business following a single computer class at his child development centre. This dream was originally unrealistic, with Gilbert knowing it was unlikely for him to graduate from university and start up a successful business. But the Leadership Development Programme (LDP) turned this small Ugandan child’s dream into a reality.

After studying day and night and becoming top of his class, Gilbert explains “there were students in higher years who would ask me and my friend Michael to help them as they work on their final project. The final project was to identify an IT problem in an organisation and solve it”. Helping out these students enabled Gilbert to boost his confidence in his IT knowledge, as always received excellent comments from those he helped. He realised he could develop bigger projects for bigger companies and make a lot of money, further setting his dream into action.

By the time graduation approached and Gilbert had begun to set up the business, he realised his dream had changed. Rather than just making money from the venture, he wanted to be the responsible Christian leader that the LDP had equipped him to be, and build up his employees in the same light. “The programme moulded me into a leader of integrity, working with honesty and diligence, and a leader who can do the right thing at the right time, irrespective of who is watching. It made me study the Bible more, and I long to know God more and more,” says Gilbert.

Another key thing Gilbert received during his time as a sponsored student was love. He is grateful to his sponsors for investing in his life. Because of their intervention, Gilbert’s dream was made possible. The sponsorship not only provided a stepping stone into a passion-filled career path but also equipped Gilbert to begin a lifelong relationship with Christ.

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A life cut short but a legacy that lives on.

Paul Gray is husband to Wendy, dad to Nathan, Esther, Luke and Jonathan, and father-in-law to Abi. A member of Newcastle Christian Life Centre, Paul and his family sponsor 2 children with Compassion. —— I had worn that blue Compassion t-shirt before, but never had it felt like this. I remember an instance when, sitting […]

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Meet the hands and feet of Compassion

Every day generous, servant-hearted Compassion staff and volunteers give their time to make it possible to implement the Compassion programme. We want to introduce you to a few of them… Meet Beatrice. Beatrice is a health worker at Kijjabwemi Child Development Centre in Uganda. Beatrice’s love and passion for the poor is contagious. Beatrice has […]

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Why so early?

With Adones Martinez It seems suspiciously early to be talking about Christmas in September; after all, there are still 100 days to go! However there is method behind our madness. To throw a party for over 1.5 million children and their families is a logistical feat which takes several months to prepare, hence the early […]

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Graham Kendrick Album Giveaway!

To celebrate the “Compassion presents: Graham Kendrick and Tony Campolo – An Evening to Remember” tour, we’re giving away 5 copies of Graham’s latest album! The ‘Worship Duets’ album sees Graham collaborate with 9 other much loved Christian artists including; Rend Collective Experiment, Martin Smith and Michael W Smith. Graham says “Of all the recording projects I […]

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Today is International Literacy Day

It’s easy to take the ability to read and write for granted. Illiteracy is however one of the major contributors to poverty, with the vast majority of those unable to read or write living in the developing world.  According to the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) globally 774 million adults lack basic […]

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Keep Running!

1000m to go. Keep Running!’’ reads the tall red banner, calling you home with a new burst of energy your muscles and mind haven’t experienced for the past 26 miles. ‘’800m to go. Not Long Now’’ the next one reads as you pay even more attention to the cheering crowd as they encourage you on […]

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