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Raising up a Compassionate Generation


Here at Compassion we have a huge heart for children! Children in poverty across the world but also children here in the UK. We believe that tackling issues of poverty and injustice isn’t something just for adults. God’s little ones can be inspired and educated to make a difference right now, not just when they ‘grow up’.

But we know that engaging children with these issues, and in the Bible, can often be challenging – so we have launched Compassion Explorers! This resource can be used by children’s workers, teachers, and families to spread the good news of Christ to children all across the UK. Our aim is to raise up a whole new compassionate generation who have a heart for the poor.

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The Compassion Explorers site is full of fun activities including child friendly recipes from around the world, games and quizzes. In the Bible explorers section you’ll also find 12 Bible studies each with a unique activity. The example below is from the lesson on ‘compassion’ and teaches children the importance of kindness. If you see someone who’s sad and want to be kind to them to cheer them up, you’re showing compassion.

Why not make your own kindness coupons and give them to friends and family as presents? Print out the coupons, colour them in and add in your own ideas of how you can show kindness and compassion.

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Click here to view the lesson and download the activity.

Over the last month since Compassion Explorers has launched it’s been used by families at home and us here at Compassion going into schools to teach children about the site. Get involved today and start exploring the world with Compassion Explorers.

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Gerald’s story – “Had the project not been in the village my son would have died”

This month at Compassion UK we’re celebrating our 15th anniversary. There are many reasons to praise God:   We can also celebrate that since 1999, we’ve been able to open new Compassion offices, partnering with churches in incredibly poor communities. We’ve begun working in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nicaragua and Togo, reaching out […]

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Reaching out

By Tonny Tunya, Field Communications Specialist, Indonesia The group of 15 teenagers look at each other with excitement. After two hours of travelling down gravel roads and grassy pathways they are nearly there. As part of the Compassion programme, these sponsored young people are taking part in a mission trip organized by Mau Hau Church. […]

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Meet Rodelin!

21 October 2014 – Editor’s Note: We’ve received an update on Rodelin from our Philippines office: Today, Rodelin is in grade 8. While she continues to conduct her backyard Bible class on Sundays, she makes sure to do well in her studies during the week. She constantly tops her class and was ranked in the […]

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A December child

21 October 2014 – Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published for our 2013 Christmas Fund. Thank you so much to everyone who donated – an incredible £722,827 was raised to give children Christmas gifts and enable them to celebrate Christmas at their Compassion projects. To donate to our Christmas Fund in 2014, please click here. Malinee’s […]

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Fathers turning to God 

Ruwanthi Sarjeevram with Luke Hamilton “I used to drink every day, every single day. I never touched my wife or my children with anger. But I drank. My wife continuously prayed for me. She asked me to attend church. But that wasn’t important to me”, explains Pranjees Joseph the father of three-year-old Divon. Divon has […]

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