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Two stories from our sponsors

A couple of weeks ago we launched for sponsors to share encouragements and highlights from their sponsorship. Here are two stories which Sandra and Rachel kindly shared with us! Read and be inspired…


Dear Compassion,

This is a picture of my Dad holding the picture of my formerly sponsored child Christian and his brother Chito from the Philippines. My Dad went to be with the Lord in 2010. He never had any grandchildren but he was deeply touched and blessed when Christian wrote and asked if he could call him Lolo which means Grandad. Dad actively took an interest in all the letters we received from Christian and we were both blessed when Christian wrote to tell us he had trusted the Lord Jesus as his saviour.

Thank you Compassion for giving my Dad a Grandson,



Dear Compassion,
When my mum and dad asked me what special gift I would like from the family for my 18th birthday, I couldn’t think of anything I needed. I realised at the time that this was a testimony to how incredibly blessed I am to have grown up being supported, educated, clothed, housed, fed and loved in a comfortably-off family. There wasn’t anything I wanted other than to give some of these opportunities to another child, at this symbolic moment as I said goodbye to my own childhood. In lieu of presents, my parents very generously covered the sponsorship cost of a young girl called Naydelin from Ecuador for three years until I graduated from university, when I could start making the donations myself.

Six years on, I am overwhelmed by gratitude and delight when I receive anotherone of Naydelin’s carefully handwritten letters where she responds enthusiastically to all my questions, and regularly asks after my university friends, flatmates and family by name. She is obviously a bright and engaging young lady – she proudly told me she wants to be a teacher.

Last year my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer and I told Naydelin about it in one of my letters. My mum and I were so touched when I read out Naydelin’s reply. This little girl in Ecuador wrote determinedly that she and her family were going to keep praying for God to make my mummy well again. She wrote “God is powerful and I know everything is going to be better.” I still get emotional and have to blink back tears when I think that she was only 10 when she wrote that. For me, her note was the kindest, most meaningful encouragement I received during that difficult time.

God answered Naydelin’s (and our) prayers, and my healthy mum stormed across the finish line at Race for Life’s 10k challenge this year.

Race for life_F07DI’ve always signed off my letters to Naydelin as ‘your English friend, Rachel’ and it was with a big grin recently that I saw she has started copying this phrase in Spanish, signing off with blessings from ‘tu amiga Ecuadoriana. Naydelin.’

Thank you Rachel and Sandra for sending us your stories. If you have a sponsorship story or encouragement, please get in touch with us by e-mailing

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