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Why do I need to register my Compassion Sunday event?


Here are three reasons why you need to register your Compassion Sunday event.

1) To receive your exclusive *free* event kit! This includes posters, leaflets, and a table top display.

2) So we can pray for you! Every person that registers their event will be prayed for by our staff by name. We have sticky notes ready and waiting for your name to written on, please let us know who you are.


3) So we can see thousands of children sponsored on Compassion Sunday! You can’t do a presentation without receiving the child information folders of the children you will be finding sponsors for. These are included in the event kit, so you really must register.


Thank you!

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Thank you for caring for the poor!

“Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the right of the poor and oppressed” Psalm 82:3 (NIV). It can be easy to let poverty overwhelm us. In a world where more than a billion children live on less than two US dollars a day, we may be left wondering ‘what difference can I […]

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Kidnapped Brides

Lots of teenage girls dream of their wedding day. They dream of beautiful dresses, flowers and shoes to die for. They plan the ceremony, secretly write their vows, choose their bridesmaids and daydream about their ideal man. They don’t dream about being abducted. But for many women around the world that is the reality of […]

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As simple as a Freddo 

83p. Children of the 90’s will remember for that amount you could buy a number of Freddo’s,  a gooey alien egg or even a small pack of Pokémon cards. The possibilities were endless. But I am sorry to say that today this would get you probably only half of the latest playground craze. What can […]

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A letter to my 11-year-old self

Barrowford Primary school sent a letter that’s hit the news today; in essence it’s reminding kids that they are more than a set of SATs results. I think it’s brilliant. Then I listened to a woman on breakfast TV this morning saying that she would have been livid if her children had come home from school […]

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Let Me Die Like My Father

Like many children in her community, Vivian didn’t grow up in a good environment. Her parents did not earn much and had difficulties raising their children. The family lived in a single room they were given in a house that belonged to her grandmother. Her father worked as a tanzanite gemstone dealer, but didn’t contribute […]

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The Goal is Christ

By Roz Walsh with Ana Rafaela Since 1987, Compassion has been working in Brazil and is currently supporting nearly 39,000 children living in poverty. Renowned for lush rainforests, beautiful beaches and a passion for football, the South American nation will be firmly centre stage during the 2014 World Cup. Of the nine cities taking part […]

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