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What does my sponsored child buy with the gift money I send?

A mother stands beside her happy boy who has new clothes smiling

Gifts make a HUGE difference to sponsored children and their families. Here’s some children telling us what they bought, and why it matters, in their own words: 

“Thank you so much for sending me the birthday gift of 940 Baht. I spent it on a t- shirt for 50 Baht and a pair of pants for 199 Baht. I have 691 rest. I save it for my daily expenses and the fuel fee for me to go to school as they are very necessary for me. “

“Thank you so much for sending me the gift. I received the Japanese style table, a mattress and a pillow. I am very glad to receive them because they are very useful for me. The table is for me to do my homework and draw pictures. This table makes me love to do homework more. “

“Thank you so much for your gift. I got a cupboard that I like it so much and it’s very usefulness.” 

“I’m very thankful for the family gift you have given me. I have been given 1 pot and a shirt and trousers.” 

“Thank you very much for the birthday gift you sent it me. I could buy a shirt with it already and I like it so much.” 

A girl smiles with her new gifts in hand from the Christmas party at project

“Thank you so much for a family gift. I bought 2 shirts; one is for me and another one is for my younger sister.” 

“I bought one t-shirt, red in colour, a pair of trousers and a tube light set and a ceiling fan. The tube light gives bright light, the ceiling fan will last long. Thank you for your kind gift, with much love.”  

“Thank you for the gift that you sent me. I bought a goat and clothes.”

Give your sponsored child a gift today! They will receive 100% of your donation. Log in to your myCompassion account or call us on 01932 836490.

Did you know that if you send your sponsored child a gift they will send you a brief thank you message? If you send £30, your sponsored child will send you a photo as well!

Four young men sit next to four bags of bulk rice outside project during Christmas party

Please be patient as you wait to receive acknowledgement for your gift. It will take time for project workers to meet with your sponsored child and help them spend your gift. It will also take time for a thank you acknowledgement to be sent back to the UK.

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